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Checklist for Application

The letter of application is the first thing a hiring manager sees you and should leave a positive first impression.
Be sure you cover letter must cover the following points:

- Correct sender
- Full address according to job advertise
- Subject (Application as ...)
- Salutation with correctly-written name of the contact person
- No spelling errors
- No exaggerated formulations
- Text not more than two-thirds of page, keep the text short and concise explanations
- Texts where appropriate mark bold, not underline

 Structure of the application
  - Write on which position you are applying
  - Mention how you became aware of the vacancy (newspaper, job portal, website)

Main Part
  - Mention your current work and raise those points which you are applying with the current job to match.
  - Keep your professional qualifications are produced in relation to the site of interest.
  - List briefly your strengths.

  - Call for contact purpose of a job interview.
  - Greeting formula: Sincerely, or: Best regards,
  - Do not use PS, unless the application is written by hand.

Do not use long and complicate formulation in the cover letter. Take short and concise statements and "disguise" the essentials with meaningless verbiage.

recruiter is happy when he learns quickly who you are and what you want.

nicht ok ... I would like to apply for the vacant job ...
ok ... I apply for the vacant job ...

nicht ok During the last 3 years, I was able to gain experience in this area ...
ok During the last 3 years I have gained experience in XY ...

Avoid the following fault

Correct Gender in the Informal
Often an existing application is used as a template and adapted. The name in the address and the salutation is quickly adjusted, sex is unfortunately forgotten. "Dear Ms. Smith" addressed: So Mr. Peter Smith is with suddenly.

Be sure that you are applying for in the first section
Without the kit contents: ... I am applying ... it's just a letter in which you inform that you have read the ad, tell something about yourself and you be pleased to contact us. Specify the intention that you bring this letter, namely, that you are applying. Thus, an application from a letter.

Begin the application never with the word "I"
This is self-centered and can be interpreted negatively. It is better if the word is "I" involved in the sentence. The same also applies to the following blocks.

Do not send a Word document
There are some applicants send the Word document. It is all the more painful when the AutoCorrect indicating typographical errors. The recruiter does not correct your application! Furthermore, there can be problems if you are using the latest version of the writing program and the dokument can not be opened because the recipient has installed an older version.
It is best to send the cover letter as a PDF document. This can be opened and printed easily.
If you have not installed a pdf printer, on the Internet you can find numerous programs that can be downloaded and installed free of charge. Under Links you will find a link where you can download a pdf printer free of charge.

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