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Tips for job interview

If you have cleared the first hurdle and have been invited for an interview, you should plan the next step for your future career as well and be prepared.

The preparation

For a successful interview, you should take care to the following points:

In advance, collect information about the company
Which products or services does the company. If you are informed in advance and ask some specific questions, you show that you are interested also for the company and not only for the job.

Correct clothes
Choose a dress that is appropriate to the work site. Make sure that your shoes are the rigth one. Blue jeans with black loafers looks more sporty elegant. The same jeans with sneakers looks leisure and gives the impression that you do not take the job interview and the future job seriously.

For men shall:
- Ironed shirt
- No sweatpants
- Clean neat shoes, no sneakers
- Documents in a briefcase or folder (not a backpack)

For ladies applies:
- Do not allow tight mini skirt or blouse with a large section to allow deep view
- Shoes with a small heel
- Documents in small briefcase or large handbag

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Calculate the journey time
Clarify the way to the company and calculate the time you need by public transport or car. Prepare a sufficient reserve and wait rather a few hundred meters in front of the company. If you realize that you still appear too late, call shortly and tell this. In order to show that you are conscientious and the agreed date consider important.

Be on time
Be sure to arrive on right time , but a maximum of 5 minutes early on the agreed date. A premature appearance is also not on time.

Mobile phone, switch off 
Before you enter, switch of the mobile phone (no vibration)

The job interview

Prepare the interview in advance and think about some questions that could be addressed to you and prepare a right answers. Be honest in all cases and do not overdo it.

Possible questions:
- What made ​​you decide to compete with us?
- What do you know about our company?
- Name each 3 positive and negative character traits from you.
- Where do you want to be in five years?
- How should be your future boss?
- Why should we choose you?

The following questions do not have answered, unless they are directly related to the job:
- Party affiliation
- Marriage
- Fertility
- Pregnancy
- Exit or Event of Default in previous company
- Religion
- criminal record
- Trade union membership
- Financial circumstances
- Sexual orientation
- Drug use

You can answer illegal questions with: "I can not answer."


If you asked to send additional documents, do this immedietally. Make a review of the interview in short steps and remenber on which questions you are in trouble to find immediately a answer. This may because you are in certain respects himself still undecided and you can learn from it, in which you consider an appropriate and honest answer.

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