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Improve your writing style

An application must be formulated so that the reader's interest is piqued and he wants to read the next sentence. The application must be clear and legible liquid for that reason.
Do not use expressions from the official language and not too flowery language as in a novel.
The middle way is the best writing style.
If you take into account the following information, you can improve your writing style and stand out from other competitors in order.
Record Length
Be careful not to create a too-long sentences containing numerous commas. Sets with a length of 12-25 words are easy to understand. Everything about it is difficult to understand in general.
Too short sentences act, however choppy and get a bullet close.

nicht ok "I currently work at the company Smith&Johns Ltd. in the production department and I am responsible for the final assembly of our products as well as the final inspection before they are packed and shipped to our customers."
ok "I currently work at the company Smith&Johns Ltd. in the production department. My responsibilities final assembly and Endkrontrolle falls, so that the products are delivered in good condition to our customers."

Nested Sentence
Avoid complex sentences with many commas. There is a risk that at the end of the sentence, the reader can not remember the theorem has begun. Often such records must be read twice to understand the content. Let us have two or three sentences and tell the facts in order.

nicht ok "I live in Madrid, in a house, and drive every day, except Wednesdays, by bike, except when it rains with the bus to work."
ok "I live in a house in Madrid. I drive every day by cycle to work. On Wednesday or when it rains, I'll take the bus."

Do not use abbreviations, this increases the readability and are no misunderstandings.
Write the words or let them off if they do not contribute to the content.

nicht ok "Pls. sen my more information reg. the intr. job."
ok "Please send me more information regarding the instresting job."

Comments in brackets
If you need to put comments in brackets, you have omitted the essentials in the previous sentence or the sentence was not understandable enough that a statement is necessary in parentheses. Let remarks in brackets rather away and revise the sentence so that it is understandable.

nicht ok "Last week I was on vacation (in Greece) and therefore only sign up today."
ok "Last week I was on vacation and therefore sign up until today."

Filler Words
With filler words, the text is longer, the contents and, however, the statement does not change. Avoid using an excessive number of filler words and omit them. Some filler words can even change the meaning and could be misunderstood. Sometimes less is more.
For example, then, actually, even in principle, anyhow, however, more or less, in general, quite

nicht ok "This work gives me pleasure principle, and I have quite a fun with it."
ok "This work gives me pleasure and I have fun with it."

Avoid repetition, this except more words does not bring any further information.

nicht ok "I currently work for Company ABC and I'am working in the production department."
ok "I currently work for Company ABC in the production department."

Conditional sentences / relativization
conditional phrases and relativization. Write what you can and not what you might be able to. This shows a certain degree of self-confidence; You are your skills and what you want to achieve. Therefore avoid sentences with: could, might, would, should, would, might or might.

nicht ok "I am currently living in Vienna and might easily move to Berlin."
ok "I am currently living in Vienna and can easily move to Berlin."

Write positive
Do not write what you can not, you prefer to write what you can. Let words like not, impossible or no away and formulate the set of positive words.

nicht ok "It is not possible for me to work on Monday, otherwise it's possible."
ok "Tuesday to Friday I can work well."

Simple Language

Use a simple, easy to understand language that is catchy and easy to read. Do not use long or complicated words. The reader should read the contents quickly and understand it easy.

nicht ok "My annual vacation I spend with my spouse on a Spanish island which name is Mallorca."
ok "My holidays I spend with my wife on the island of Mallorca."

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