The most common errors when applying

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The most common errors when applying

Many applications will be carefully drafted and contain some errors which often have the effect that the application will be ignored, although the profile of the applicant fits. Here are the most common errors are listed.

The name or address of the contact person is misspelled
There is nothing more embarrassing than if you send an application to Mr. Miller and then with him: Dear Mrs M¡ller

Cover letter is not site-specific
Be not a general cover letter that you send for each application. Take relation to the advertised position and lift 2-3 points of the requirements that you meet out.

No evidence of statements
When is the job advertisement that a team of able staff is sought, the proof is not provided, if you write in the application that you are a team player.
So that you only show that you can write off. The proof is shown by the way, if you write:
For 10 years, I play volleyball and have learned here is that to be successful as a Team.

CV is incomplete
Make sure that the resume is complete and has no gap in the temporal sequence.

Ignore salary requests 
If is in the notice, that the application should be done with salary requirements, you must specify this. If the required information is missing, you must expect that out of the 50 applications received, three candidates have made with comparable qualifications of this and be invited to an interview. 

Long letter of application
The application letter must find space on a page. Write. Clear and without blumgen expressions that you apply, what points of the requirements you meet and your interest in the position

Many typos
A typographical error is ugly, but if the application littered with typos and additionally comes up with grammatically incorrect sentence structure creates a bad impression.

Lack of documents
When you mention in the cover letter that you send in the supplement, the certificates, make sure that they will be sent.

Online application is sent by post
If it is expressly stated in the job advertisement that the online application is to be submitted, please respect this requirement.

Incorrect or no qualifications
It is not enough that you are interested in a subject area, the qualifications must be available. Trained as a landscape gardener with 10 years professional experience do you have to get any chances a job as a rocket scientist just because you are interested in the topic.

Issues letter of application
Ask this will not answer questions in the application letter, the reading. If you have questions, please call in advance to deal with that and then decide whether you are applying.
The same applies to questions such as:
- Looking for a reliable employee?
- May I call you in a week?

Application homepage or link to portal
There are some job portals or website operators make it possible to deposit the application electronically or to make the application as the homepage. This variant is time consuming because it sign up for the HR first and then have to download the documents. Whether be downloaded at application website, all the information is uncertain.

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