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Checklist for a correct Curriculum Vitae

The resume should provide the opportunity in an ordered sequence a human resources managers to rapidly inform the applicant. He should, therefore, be logical and clear structure to find the required information quickly and easily. This makes it easier to compare different candidates and improve your chances when compared to when the information sought will be found.

  - Name, address, phone number, email address
  - Photo portrait
  - Date of birth
  - Marital status / children
  - Hobbies

  - College / University
Primary school

Further Education
  - Courses with Year
  - Specialist diplomas with final year

IT knowledge
  - Programs / systems with the degree of knowledge

  - Language level of proficiency in spoken and written.
  For example:
  English: mother tongue 
  German: very good verbal, writing well
  French: Basic knowledge

Professional Career
  - The period in which employers
  - Description of job with in 2 - 4 set
Current job on top in listing
  - No gaps
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