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Possible Questions at a Job Interview

Reason for a question

During the interview you may be faced with different questions. The questions can be asked to learn more about yourself, to get information about your career path and work behavior in experience or to test your general or expertise knowledge.

a) Questions about yourself
- Tell a little about yourself
- What are your joy?
- What do you do in your spare time?
- What hobbies do you have?
- Do you like working in a team?
- How do you react when multiple person at the same time something
   want from you?
- How do you deal with failure?
- What was your biggest failure?
- What was your best experience?
- What annoys you the most?
- How to annoy you the most?
- What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
- Where were you last with whom on Holiday?

b) Questions about career and work behavior
- Why do you have with them and advertised?
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
- Have you planned a training program?
- How long you want to work with us?
- Why should we hire you?
- How should be your future boss?
- What do you know about our company?
- What have you estimated on your last boss?
- What do you like about your current / last job?
- What would I tell a workmate about you?
- Why you want to change Jobs?

Game Question / answer

c) Questions about knowledge
- What training you have completed?
- What work you do not like?
- Why do you do this do not work like?
- How do you inform yourself about the current events?
- What are your professional strengths?
- What was your best work that you have met with pride?
- Direct question from the field, for example, on a new Regulation.

 Control questions

The question about your last vacation can serve as a control question to confirm, if you are a team player or not. If you answer to the question "Do you like working in a team" with "Yes" and later specify that you prefer to travel alone to foreign countries during 3-4 weeks, it is quite possible that further questions are asked about the team behaviors if this indispensable for the job.

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