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Certificate of Employment

After the CV certificates and references will be resolved.
If you get a job reference, pay attention to writing and formal errors. A subsequent correction sometimes makes it difficult if you notice after 2 years that the date has crept a typo and the establishment no longer exists.

Check date
Work start and end of work, date of birth

Control activity / area of ​​responsibility
Have a list of all your activities. This also includes special computer programs. This confirms that you know how to use.

In leadership, Number of persons
If you were head of a department, make sure that the number of employees for which you were responsible called.

Scanned in good quality
Regardless of how well the job reference, it doesn't make fun to read or decipher a poorly scanned document. The letter of
reference should not be like as the example to the right!

Send always scanned copies
When you send the application by mail, you never send the original. The original remains with you, and can be shown to require an HR chief whene he want to see this.

Zeugnis schlecht eungescannt
scanned in poor quality, not this way

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