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Put yourself in the right image

If you apply you only have one chance for a first impression, so you should pay enough attention to the application photo. Make a great impression with your picture, because that is the first thing a hiring manager sees of you.

Here are some photos with comments if you like o use theme as application photo. This should make it easier for you to opt for a good photo.

    Bewerbungsfoto 1
 no friendly smile
 cut off in the side

 tattoos visible
 friendly smile

    Bewerbungsfoto Lebenslauf
 too close to the lens,
    head appears distorted

 horizontal format, use the
    space and show your 
    face large as possible

    Lebenslauf Bewerbungsfoto
 suitable as call agent
 friendly smile
    Bewerbungsfoto 3
 Interfere with hair on the face
 head cut off above and on side

    Foto Lebenslauf
 too much bare skin
 no portrait photo
neutral background

    Lebenslauf Bewerbungsfoto
 head cut off above
 friendly smile

 Hair on the face
 restless background
 large shadow

 good position
 well lighted
   Bewerbungsfoto 2
 exaggerated laughter

    Bewerbung Foto
 Image is too dark (background,
    jacket, black hair)

    Bewerbungsbild Lebenslauf
 covered face
 background well lighted

    Bewerbungsbild Lebenslauf
 distorted picture
 no portrait photo

    Lebenslauf Foto
 grim facial expression
 well lighted

Checkliste for Application Photo

It does not necessarily to have a photo of a professional photographer. Whene you make a photo take care on the following points:

- Friendly smile
- Clothes that you would wear at a job interview
- Neutral background
- Portrait Photo
- Head completely visible and not "cut off"

If in doubt, it is better to hire a photographer to get a good application photo.

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